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The fast pace of technology today had immersed into a different enormity. The very latest technology utilizes the use of a electric smokeless cigarette that has the same magnitude and chic of natural cigarette. A battery powered device that provides inhaled doses of nicotine by a vaporized solution. It can be a non-nicotine propylene glycol cartridge, flavored, water-based nicotine solution cigarette and resembles the features of a cigarette. With its atomizer it heats up the liquid that produces the vapor that quickly disappears after inhalation.

Cigarette smoking is the sole reason of respiratory diseases and yet cessation of smoking does not dwindle. Respiratory illnesses, other related health diseases, primarily caused by cigarette smoking which has a long term and short term effect. A long term smoker has an average of life expectancy of 10 years less than the average non smoker.

Electric smokeless cigarettes are one of the alternatives that a smoker may turn to if he already wants to quit or look for a healthier alternative. So, what are these electric smokeless cigarettes and why they are changing people lives so rapidly?

The new electronic cigarette or green cigarette product is intended to replace regular cigars. These are devices that give you the same experience like that of smoking a regular cigarette without. The companies who manufacture them claim that there are no adverse side-effects. Regular cigarettes are known to contain thousands of substances most of which are harmful to the body such as tar and carcinogens.

green smoke electric smokeless cigaretteNicotine is the main killer?
Nicotine is the major component of a cigarette which actually stimulates the brain. The tar which contains chemicals are deposited in the lungs and can get through the blood vessels and be carried to other parts that can causes blockage in to the nerves. It contains over 4000 chemicals and more than 50 carcinogens that can cause cancer. Carbon monoxide affects the oxygen- carrying capacity of the blood. These harmful components if withdrawn hastily by a long term smoker can develop withdrawal symptoms such as craving, irritability, loss in concentration, hunger, headaches. And it may trigger for a smoker to have another cigarette. That’s why the electric smokeless cigarettes are created. To satisfy the urge of smoker without the harmful effect it may cause.

On the other hand, an electric smokeless cigarette does not contain chemicals, tar, carbon monoxide, carcinogens that can cause respiratory diseases compared to traditional cigarettes. They don’t constitute passive smoker. Electric smokeless cigarettes produce the same feeling of physical contentment on act of smoking without giving any pollution to the environment; it can also be used indoor because of its smokeless feature.

Smokers who want to quit prefer to use electric smokeless cigarettes because it can satisfy the physical pleasure to take a cigarette at no risk to their health, and they converted permanently because of the advantage it has as an alternative to natural smoking. There is no burning or lightning with the electric smokeless cigarette.

Electric smokeless cigarette provide a cleaner and healthier lifestyle as there are no hideous smell, no pollution, second-hand smoking risks, and cigarette butts. It may even save a lot of money for smokers as they will only buy a battery, a charger and some cartridges to start instead of regular cigarettes.

green smoke electric smokeless cigaretteGreen Smoke electric cigarette
green smoke electric smokeless cigarettesGreen Smoke is the most favorable and popular electric smokeless cigarette brand on the market today. It provides top quality e-cigarettes for users all over the world and offers guarantee for 100% satisfaction. It is completely Tar-free, Carbon monoxide free, and even Nicotine free to help you minimize the risk of lung cancer and addiction. We all know Nicotine is the main cause of cigarette addiction, Green Smoke has helped thousands of people to quit smoking this way.

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