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Slap Chop Review – Is Slap Chop A Scam?
slapchop02You have probably seen this funny commercial on TV about this product called Slap Chop. Introduced by Vince, the Slap Chop is claimed to make your life so much easier and can change the way you eat. According to the commercial and website, the Slap Chop can chop, dice and mince nearly any fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts in your kitchen.

I first saw this commercial while eating some nachos during my late night snacks. Actually, I was spending over 25 minutes chopping onions, peppers, beans and cheese and almost miss most of the commercial. It is the same guy from the Shamwow commercial, Vince has never failed to make me laugh.

“Life is hard enough as it is, you don’t need to cry anymore.” This is hilarious and true at the same time, it always happens to me. If you haven’t seen the commercial, watch the full version here:

Does the Slap Chop really work?
I’ve tried many different food chopping products in the past but haven’t get much results. The reason is because most of the chopping products don’t work and usually leave the foods stuck in the blade. However, I decided to give the Slap Chop a tried and I can say that I’m happy with what I get. The Slap Chop lived up to its hype on the late night TV.

Here are the things about the Slap Chop that I like:
✓ You never need to switch blades
✓ Blades are come in the W shaped not X shaped which doesn’t allow the food to get stuck
✓ Chop up vegetables, nuts, & fruits, quickly and easily
✓ With every slap, the finer the food gets
✓ Easy to open and clean and dishwasher safe
✓ Comes with a 3 years Guaranteed.

Is the Slap Chop A Scam?
From my personal experience, it’s not. I’m pretty happy with what I got and so is my cousin. I received 2 Slap Chops, 2 cheese gratys, super Japanese blades, and Free folding cutting board for the price of 1. This is the limited time offer only that you can get through the Slap Chop official website.

I think the offer is still available and you can

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