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The holiday season. A time for family gatherings, gift-giving and potentially lethal flu viruses.

This year, a number of products designed to kill germs, boost immunity or make flu sufferers a little less miserable are being marketed as the perfect holiday gift or stocking stuffer.

“Children ages five to 14 continue to experience the highest percentage of H1N1 positive test results compared to negative results, with a positivity rate close to 40 percent. By comparison, nearly 80 percent of children in this age group tested positive for the virus in late October,” Quest said in a statement.

The company analyzed 170,000 flu tests taken between May and December to map out two peaks in the U.S. epidemic — one in April and one at the end of October.

“Between this peak week and December 9, testing rates fell by 75 percent. In the most recent week reported, December 9, testing rates were equivalent to volumes experienced in late August, when the second wave began,” the company said.

how to avoid swine flu naturally familyCook County public health officials are offering swine flu vaccinations at three malls in Chicago’s south suburbs, where flu hospitalization rates are high but vaccination rates are low.

How To Avoid Swine Flu Naturally
One of my coworkers theorizes that most of us have had swine flu by now, and so the risk is behind us.

If you are over-weight and having less energy than it’s time to bulk up, eat healthier foods, participate in the total body detox program, and lose some pounds.

Here in mid-December, both the supply of vaccine and the harm from H1N1 is still limited. More limited still, based on conversations I have had, is excitement about getting the vaccine as it becomes more widely available.

“It’s just the flu,” the mother of a 7-year-old told me at a holiday party, noting that for most the symptoms are the same as for typical winter blahs. Besides, she said, many other children at her daughter’s school will get the vaccine, limiting the possibility of exposure.

The key to avoid swine flu naturally is to provide yourself and family with a healthy diet meal plan that is pack with antioxidants, vitamin and minerals, and don’t forget exercises. Swine flu easy infects people that are weak and don’t have enough energy and antioxidants to fight back the h1n1 virus.

Make sure you drink lots of water, green tea, detox diet lemonade and eating more healthy fruits like the Acai berries, blueberries, apples, and reducing unhealthy fats, carbs, and diet sodas.

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