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A majority of programs about 6 pack abs are not effective and a waste of money. The primary reason is that they all of the same content and not real professional training. A rule I set for myself is not to buy any of them unless they were recommended by someone else.

However, I want to tell you something about this 6 Pack Abs program by John Alvino. One of my very good friend told me about it after he has lost over 35 pounds of fat and get a brand new lean six pack abs. I had to beg him to share with me the secrets because it was pretty shocking.

What really appealed to me was that this program author kept on enforcing the same points that I’ve been talking about on this site with regard to myths surrounding the topic to burn flab around the stomach. This intrigued me.

As the number 1 best selling fitness abs program in the world, the get ripped and 6 Pack Abs Instant Workouts program contains Alvino’s revolutionary “step-by-step” videos and the most effective diet and exercise system on the planet to burn fat and increase abs muscles.

how to get 6 pack abs
John Alvino is a credible source on the topic of abs because he is, first and foremost a personal trainer and his program is viewed by over 5 millions people online. He also offers a Guarantee that you can get your 6 Pack Abs in 16 Weeks or less or your money back. This is absolutely the ultimate and most realistic fitness program I have ever seen.

After using it, I can double guarantee this program is worth every single of your penny!

The number 1 program to burn flat and get 6 pack abs bonuses
how to get six pack absTo begin with, John explains the different sections of the abdominal regions. Despite feeling like I’m back in a Science class in 7th grade, I understood that it was important for everyone to understand it first to avoid working out the wrong areas. The basic sections of the abs are something you should know about before doing any crunches.

The part that I liked the most was where he enumerated the best six pack abs exercises through out the videos which are much easier to follow. He also provided clear, colored pictures that demonstrate the exercise and how to perform them.

six 6 pack absThis program is broken down to detail steps to 6 pack abs which makes it very easy to follow and doesn’t put too much pressure on yourself. Each week, John Alvino will send you small workout segments that you can start immediately. These videos are also ipod friendly so you can take them wherever you go.

I gained a lot of knowledge from this program, probably more than what I was expected. One example is that previously, I wasn’t aware that training your abs at the end of a cardio workouts is best since the ab muscles stabilize your back. If you do you abs exercises first, you can pre-exhaust them easily.

The reason that I would like you to try this program is due to the fact that it answers the questions regarding professional training that I am unable to. I usually receive e-mails about weight training, etc. and now, I’m good to be referring John’s 6 pack abs program to other people, especially since he has the qualifications.

how to get a six pack absAlthough my site does provide a good job of basic exercises, busting myths, and diets.. this book delves deeper into strength training, which is actually the best and most effective way to burn flab and tone those abs. Dieting and cardio does burn fat, but what makes your abs solid is strength training.

I hope you ladies do not get turned off for the sole reason that the book concentrates on terms such as “strength training” and “6 pack abs”. If you desire a more solid mid section compared to everyone else regardless the gender, you have to do some version of these exercises. When you see women that sport tone middles and rock hard six pack abs, they most probably did something more than your basic crunches to achieve that. Well, it is not necessary to work toward a 6 pack abs. You can just use the exercises in this book to simply burn the flab, strengthen and flatten your midsection.

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