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You see “her” as you pass by the magazine rack. When you’re in the grocery store checkout line, “she’s” looking right at you from her modern chesterfield sofa while reading something the fitness magazine cover…

Jennifer Nicole Lee was far from a sexy bathing model that you see today. As a mother of 2, Jen found herself in the similar situation as other moms trying to lose pregnancy belly fat. She used to weigh over 200 pounds but unlike most people, she decided to do something about it. Every women who had a child or more knows how hard weight loss after pregnancy is.

Despite that fact, Jennifer decided that she would sign up for the Bikini contest as the motivation for her workouts. It was through learning and training efforts that Jen took herself from a 200 pounds woman to one of the sexiest models in the world. She appeared on several magazine covers repeatedly like Fitness Rx, Oxygen, Natural Muscles, and Fat Loss.

As Ms. Bikini America, Ms. Bikini Universe, and Author of the Fitness Model Program, Jennifer has done something that inspired thousands of women and men who are crazy about losing flab on their body. She created the Jennifer Nicole Lee diet fitness model program: “How to look like a model without being one” to review the steps and workouts that took her to where she is today.


Loss weight for women Jennifer Nicole Lee diet workout program designed for those who wish to not only lose the love handle and reduce fat on their body but also to achieve that slim, slinky physique which fitness models have. This is indeed a fine goal, but does the program deliver on this promise? Does it work for everybody? What does it do?

Jennifer Nicole Lee diet fitness model program

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✓ Lose weight, burn flab abs, tone up and get lean. This, I believe is what most people want it for.
✓ Have fun while working out
✓ Inspired people to exercises and change their lives
✓ Healthy diets to help losing weight fast
✓ Avoid stretch marks and negative thoughts
✓ How to train to become a sexy fitness model

To be honest, the last goal interested me a lot more since I read her incredible life changing story. I have probably heard many amazing weight loss stories, but Jennifer’s road to a model inspire me and I’m sure most of women out there to be the same.

jennifer-nicole-lee-diet-fitness-programWhat make her diet and fitness ebook is so interesting is it is a story of someone who not only lose weight but also do it in a coolest, most fun and entertaining way. I seriously would never think about having a body like a model, I’ve always thought models are all naturally born. Jennifer has proven me wrong. She is not just thin, she looks amazing.

My first impression when I watched her on Oprah was: “If she can do that, I can do that”. The reason is because the Fitness model program mostly designed for the busy women who needs to see results for as little time as possible. During Jennifer appearance on Oprah, she showed videos of her working out at home with her kids … how awesome! She doesn’t need no more than 4 short workouts each week with little or no equipment.

craving-monster-150This isn’t just a weight loss program, it’s a toning program for your body as well. It’s really hard to find a qualified teacher that strives to give you that kind of sexy body of the models like Jennifer. Since Jen is a model herself, she actually gives all her nutrition and beauty secrets that she use in her fascinating career. When I use her program, I really feel that she wants you to be motivated and work hard to achieve the same results.

Try Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Fitness Program Risk Free 8 Weeks Money Back Guaranteed >>>

Jen’s top 3 favorite abs workouts, maybe it would help you just a little bit

A. Ball Busters: to do this exercise, you would need to lay your back on a yoga ball and keep your knees bent at 90 degrees. While having a workout buddy to hold your feet, lean back and grab a small 5 pound weight. Hold the weight behind your neck and start crunching up and turning your torso inwards towards your belly button. Make sure to curve your pelvic muscles up at the same time.

B. The Pendulum: hold your work out buddy ankles while laying back down on the floor. Using abs and leg muscles to bring your legs up and have your partner push them down and then bring it back up. It’s important to use your muscles and create resistance when your legs are down and try not to just let it go.

C. Hanging Knee Raised: these arm straps looks like some kind of weird torture device when I first got to use them. Hang in 2 arm slings with elbows bent and locked, slowly bring your knees up and into your chest. My abs thanked me for this. She put her cup on platner table and moved away.



If you are looking for a magic pill, there isn’t one, at least not here. What I can firmly say though is Jennifer Nicole Lee diet and loss weight for women ebook isn’t for everyone because who am I to promise you something like that? I just know that the diet program worked for me and I’m still talking to people about it.

Just invest a short amount of time in this program, you will see positive results cuz I think Jen gives people motivation to lose weight. It’s not really hard if you follow the step by step instruction that comes with it, I can do it, I’m sure you can do it too.

I was tired of giving myself lame excuses for not changing the way I live but I hope you are not doing the same. Even though Jennifer did offer the 8 weeks money back guarantee, I know I didn’t even have to worry about it. My advice? Just try Jennifer Nicole Lee Diet Fitness program, which may not get you on the cover of a magazine, but can help to make you feel more sexy, younger, and far more attractive. If you don’t like it, you know what to do.

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